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Adult Child of a Dysfunctional Family (ACA/ACoA) recovery/12-steps.


a post where I explain with images how foxes are the best thing ever, and how if you disagree you are obviously wrong

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Da aventurs uh Baman & Piderman

Da aventurs uh Baman & Piderman

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how come every vampire in vampire stories is a hundred years old tho why cant we get a newbie vampire like

"how long have you been 17"
“about a year and a half actually its kinda trippy”


Guys can we talk about how great reversed gifs are


like we have the vacuums


we have the dirty stuff



we have the fixers


we have the ceptioners


and we have my favorite 


like these are the greatest things in the world

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Self. Harm. Is. Not. Art.

Suicide. Is. Not. Beautiful.

Depression. Is. Not. Pretty.

Anxiety. Is. Not. Cute.

Fucking stop.

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"On the morning of my eighteenth nameday, my father came to me. "You’re almost a man now,” he said, “but you are not worthy of my land and title. Tomorrow you’re going to take the black, forsake all claim to your inheritance, and start north. If you do not,” he said, “then we’ll have a hunt, and somewhere in these woods your horse will stumble, and you’ll be thrown from your saddle to die. Or so I’ll tell your mother. Nothing would please me more.

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